TPU Truck Cover Film

TPU Truck Cover Film is a film made by special processes such as calendering, flow ducting, blowing film and coating on the basis of TPU granular materials.

Basic product parameters



Raw Material Feature

TPU is a material containing-NH-COO-group in molecule. Long-chain diols and isocyanates constitute soft segments, short-bonded diols and isocyanates constitute hard segments. Many properties of TPU depend on the type of long-chain diols. Its hardness is adjusted by the proportion of hard segments. Its photo-aging property can be improved by adding light stabilizers. Good also depends on whether isocyanates are aromatic or aliphatic.

The main features of TPU are

1. Hardness range is wide: By changing the ratio of reaction components of TPU, products with different hardness can be obtained, and with the increase of hardness, the products still maintain good elasticity and wear resistance.

2. High mechanical strength: TPU products have outstanding bearing capacity, impact resistance and shock absorption performance.

3. Cold resistance: TPU has low glass transition temperature, and maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties at minus 35 degrees.

4. Processing performance is good: TPU can be processed by common processing methods of thermoplastic materials, such as injection, extrusion, calendering and so on. At the same time, TPU and some polymer materials can be processed together to obtain polymer alloys with complementary properties.

5. Oil resistance, water resistance and mildew resistance.

6. Good regeneration and utilization.


Production process

TPU Truck Cover Film is a film made by special processes such as calendering, flow ducting, blowing film and coating on the basis of TPU granular materials.

Our production is devided to 3 steps:

1. Purchase raw material. and then we will have raw material QC to be sure all raw material is qualified.

2. After passing the inspection, we will put into production through the specific process of the factory, and ensure the stability of product quality through fixed and random inspection in the production process.

3. When all process is finished, we will have packing QC to check again before packing it.

Thus, because we are professional factory, we could hold full process quality our production and make sure the best quality will delivery to your hand.

Package and Transport

Package and Transport


TPU Truck Cover Film is a mature environmental protection material:

1. Excellent properties of Excellent uv protection,Anti-yellowing,high tension, high tension, strong toughness and aging resistance,

2. Can Anti-scratch automatic repair film, super transparent, high brightness polyurethane material polymerization

3. Contains macromolecule anti-outside particle, green environmental protection, can effectively resist sand, stone, avoid high temperature, insect resin and other chemicals corrosion, improve the anti-oxidation ability of the paint.


TPU Truck Cover Film Applied in the field of automobile body film or protective film.


Q: Where is your factory located in?

A: Quanzhou,China

Q: What is your products range?

A: We can provide the wide range of TPU Material as following:

 1. Thermoplastic polyester film;

 2. Thermoplastic polyether film;

 3. TPU waterproof & breathable film;

 4. TPU(polyurethane) Lamination Fabric;

 5. TPU(polyurethane) coated Fabric

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