TPU Laminated Waterproof Fabric

Hongtai enterprise provides TPU consulting and product design services in various application fields. We are committed to continuously improve/innovate our manufacturing process, products and services to provide customers with the highest value and the most competitive solutions. Among the customized products provided by Hongtai enterprises, there are various kinds of fire resistance, hydrolysis resistance, UV resistance, antibacterial and anti-mildew, biological compatibility, waterproof and moisture permeability requirements of different specifications.Our professional consulting services, innovative design and stable quality, to provide customers with high added value and creative products, at the same time to provide customers with real-time technical advice and logistics support.

Basic product parameters


TPU laminated waterproof fabric data sheet:

low gas permeability


normal gas permeability


high gas permeability



Advantages of TPU laminated waterproof fabric:

1. TPU film is highly extensible, soft and easy to cover, so it is very useful in improving the performance of all types of textiles. As hot melt adhesives, they are ideal for combining different materials and can be used to provide flame retardant, antistatic, waterproof and breathable films. TPU films have proven to withstand industrial wash cycles and dry cleaning.

2. High air permeability, its TPU composite cloth is generally divided into three types, low gas permeability, normal gas permeability, high gas permeability. This mainly refers to moisture permeability, and the water repellency is generally above 10,000 Pa. Generally, the following moisture permeability of 2000 Pa is referred to as low gas permeability. About 2000-8000Pa is normally breathable. Moisture permeability exceeding 8000 Pa is called high gas permeability.

3. High waterproof (because of its high strength, water pressure resistance is also very good) High wear resistance: 4-5 times that of rubber | High tensile strength and elongation 300-500% | High elasticity: good elasticity, back Strong elasticity



The TPU laminated waterproof fabric from rainbow TPU is applied to medicaloutdoor sportsafety protectionbagsshoestent



Q1: What is your MOQ?

A: 500-1000kgs.We also have stocks for regular products

Q2: What is your payment terms?

A: T/T,LC,PayPal

Q3: What is your delivery time?

A: 10-20 days after receipt of your deposit.

Q4: Can you send samples to us?

A: Of course,We can offer FREE SAMPLE within 1kg with freight collect or your courier account.

Q5: Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: Yes,we are a manufacture.


Customer Distribution

In addition to domestic sales, the company's products are also exported to Europe and the United States and other continents. Such as Russia, Poland, Spain, Britain, Germany, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Chile and so on.


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