TPU Airtight Material

TPU Airtight Material is to use TPU film composite on various fabrics to form a composite material, combined with the characteristics of the two to get a new fabric.

Basic product parameters




Raw Material Feature

TPU is molecular materials containing - NH - COO - groups, long chain dibasic alcohol and isocyanate component constitutes the soft segments and short key dibasic alcohol and isocyanate component constitutes the hard segment, itself has the good elasticity, good physical properties, easy processing, economy, TPU many features depends on the types of long chain dibasic alcohol, its hardness is the use of hard segment in proportion to adjust, its light aging additive light stabilizer to improve, but also depending on aromatic and aliphatic isocyanate is.


Production process

TPU Airtight Material is to use TPU film composite on various fabrics to form a composite material, combined with the characteristics of the two to get a new fabric.There are two ways to make TPU Airtight Material, one is called post-paste: first make TPU film and then glue and stick with the fabric, and the other is called online composite: apply good or no glue on the fabric, and directly make TPU drooling on the fabric to make TPU composite fabric or mesh cloth.

Our production is devided to 3 steps:

1. Purchase raw material. and then we will have raw material QC to be sure all raw material is qualified.

2. After passing the inspection, we will put into production through the specific process of the factory, and ensure the stability of product quality through fixed and random inspection in the production process.

3. When all process is finished, we will have packing QC to check again before packing it.

Thus, because we are professional factory, we could hold full process quality our production and make sure the best quality will delivery to your hand.


TPU Airtight Material has the following 

1. TPU Airtight Material  give the property such as flexibility, elasticity, airtightness or resistance against mechanical damage, wear and abrasion, UV, weather and etc..

2. TPU airtight material are safe without toxic, environment friendly in accordance with the European REACh, RoHS and PAHs directive. the material meet or exceed the latest European safety regulations.


TPU Airtight Material including airtight pool material and airtight boat material,which are ideal for the most diverse inflatable products,are a series of specially designed for aquatic sport. The airtight pool material are widely used for the manufacture of aquatic leisure and recreation, aquaarena etc.. The airtight boat material are mainly used for military boat, rescue boat, kayaks, fishing bout or rafting bout. 

Package and Transport

Package and Transport


Q1: What is your Price?

A: Please send email to our sales,we will give you QUOTATION ASAP.

Q2: What is your payment terms?

A: 100% in advance if the order amount under USD 1000.00.

     30% deposit and balance before shipment if the order amount over USD 1000.00.

     T/T, LC,PayPal, Western Union, all are okay.

Q3: What is your delivery time?

A: 10-30 days after receipt of your deposit.

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