(TPU) Lubrizol Estane GP 85AB/GP 85AE Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin

(TPU) Lubrizol Estane GP 85AB/GP 85AE Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin

Aromatic TPU Film is a film made for outdoor use on the basis of TPU granular materials through calendering, flow casting, blowing film, coating and other processes.
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Basic product parameters



Raw Material Feature

TPU is a material containing-NH-COO-group in molecule. Long-chain diols and isocyanates constitute soft segments, short-bonded diols and isocyanates constitute hard segments. Many properties of TPU depend on the type of long-chain diols. Its hardness is adjusted by the proportion of hard segments. Its photo-aging property can be improved by adding light stabilizers. Good also depends on whether isocyanates are aromatic or aliphatic.

TPU has good mechanical properties, physical properties and environmental properties, especially its mechanical properties mainly include hardness, tensile strength, compressive performance, tear strength, resilience and wear resistance, bending and interference resistance, etc. In addition to these properties, TPU elastic plastics also have high shear strength and impact energy.


Production process

Aromatic TPU Film is a film made for outdoor use on the basis of TPU granular materials through calendering, flow casting, blowing film, coating and other processes.

Our production is divided into three steps:

1. Purchase raw materials. Then we will have the raw material QC to ensure that all the raw materials are qualified.

2. After passing the inspection, we will put into production through the specific process of the factory, and ensure the stability of product quality through fixed and random inspection in the production process.

3. When all the processes are completed, we will ask the QC of the package to check again before packing.

Therefore, as we are professional factories, we can maintain the quality of our entire production process and ensure that the best quality will be delivered to your hands.


1. Extremely well in demanding, harsh environments.

2. High tensile strength and abrasion resistance and function well in contact with fuels.

3. Very well in applications requiring direct contact with human skin

4. Resistant to Skin Oils , Good Low Temperature Flexibility and Excellent Hydrolytic Stability

5. Does Not Support the Growth of Microorganisms and Can Be Formulated for High MVTR


Aromatic TPU Film can be used in Conveyer and power transmission belting,air containment bladders and container liners for the hazardous cleanup industry are just a few of the applications.   Polyester polyurethane films are also used in multi-layer laminations as an adhesive layer or a barrier layer.  They can also be used as a food-grade cover in multiple applications.

Package and Transport

Package and Transport


Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

A: We are the manufacturer, our factory is located in Quanzhou which built in 2004.

Q2: How to test the goods quality?

A: Firstly, before we received your order, you must have test our sample, then we will arrange produce according you confirmed sample.   

Secondly, before shipment, we will send the production sample to you or if you convenience, you can watch the goods in our factory.

Thirdly, when you watched the sample, you are able to use same way to test the production sample.  

We are sincerely looking forward to be your trusted supplier!

we will try our best to offer our better service and products for you!

With our rich working experience and thoughtful companies, we have now been recognized as being a trustworthy supplier for (TPU) Lubrizol Estane GP 85AB/GP 85AE Thermoplastic Polyurethane Resin. We win the care and support of customers with high-quality products, and the market popularity and market share have been continuously improved. Focus on customers' demand could be the source of corporation survival and advancement, We adhere to honesty and great faith operating attitude, looking ahead on your coming!
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