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Through pioneering technologies and new breakthroughs in polymer blending HongTai has produced a comprehensive family of high performance, long-lasting, multipurpose membranes. Light yet stable, with superior welding advantages, these membranes are capable of withstanding both extensive wear and environmental stress. Our products can be widely used in medical, military industry, food, the people's livelihood, industrial, outdoor sports, and other fields.Such as follow in application:

1. Can offer leisure, recreation game and disaster relief  such as kayaks, fishing boat, banana boat,inflatable canoe,rafting boat,surfing boat, assault boat , rowboats, rescue boat, life raft, etc.


2. Can be used for the manufacture of aquatic leisure and recreation, aquaarena etc.


3. Can be used to industry, daily life, transportation, outdoor sports, safety protection, Medical, military and other fields, such as  inflatable life jacket, diving BC jacket, life raft, inflatable boat, inflatable tent, military inflatable self-expanding mattress, massage air bag, medical anti-bedsore mattress and professional waterproof backpack, the food grade apron, baby bib, cosmetic bag, water bag, Clothes and shoes.


4. Can be used for large entertainment toys in theme parks, scenic spots, such as inflatable trampoline, inflatable water slide, inflatable castle, etc.Theme "soft sculpture" products, such as large figures, animals, architectural modeling.


5. Can be used for automobile body film or protective film.


6. Can be use for luggage products, such as outdoor mountaineering bags and travelling bags,water storage and drinking water bag, backpack, mountaineering bag, Fanny pack, photo bag, survival bag, medicine bag, insulated thermostat, etc.


7. Can be l used for shutter doors, fire doors, sealing doors, curtain doors etc


8. Can be used in outdoor sports tents, military tents,disaster relief tents and other tents with special functions.


9. Can be used for the soft caniste,include waste water tanks, pharmaceutical products, tanks for potable water and foodstuffs (wine, juices and concentrates, edible oils), tanks for cleaning products, and tanks for oils, biofuels, petrol, kerosene, avgas, diesel fuels, jet fuels.


10. Can be used for medical applications include hospital mattresses, inflatable lifting equipment, shower trolleys, vacuum mattresses and stretchers, anti-decubitus air cells, hyperbaric chambers, first aid bags, inflatable air bag and inflatable splints/pressure garments.


11. Can be used for glass film,including car glass, family homes glass,high-rise building glass curtain wall,sightseeing elevator, daylighting roof, swimming pool ceiling;Banks, gold and silver jewelry and other valuables counters, Windows, commercial Windows, library, exhibition hall, museum, cultural relics units, permanent cultural facilities, historical sites, permanent collection of books and other units glass Windows.


12. Can be designed for aquatic sport, such as water walking ball, Soft float, children's mini fountain, children's soft water slide, "floating on water" breakthrough, water tray, roaming buoyancy bar, soft floating bed, spa head pillow.


13. Can be used for survival suits, drysuits, life rafts, fenders, dry bags, saving bar and bladder materials for personal flotation devices.


14. Can be used for outdoor sports tent, sleeping bag, waterproof pad or air cushion, multi-function kettle, water storage and drinking water bag, backpack, mountaineering bag, Fanny pack, photo bag, survival bag, medicine bag, outdoor sunscreen film, football, bachball, volleyball, waterball, inflatable ball, Outdoor sports shoes, etc.


15. Can be used for oil booms, barriers, flood and spill protection, spill control, berm liners and secondary containment, and inflatable dams.