What To Pay Attention To When Replacing TPU Film

What To Pay Attention To When Replacing TPU Film

Date:Jul 08, 2019

What should I pay attention to when replacing TPU film? This also touches the process that TPU film often needs to operate, so how to replace it? Here we take a look!

1. In the shed and front turn, try to put protective tools such as rags, rubber pipes, PVC pipes, etc., or put plastic hoses on the film ropes to avoid the film rope and plastic TPU film. Direct contact, which can reduce the friction between the laminating rope and the plastic TPU film to slow the wear rate of the plastic TPU film.

2. For those TPU films on the greenhouse, the damaged bamboo poles should be replaced in time, because the bamboo poles must bear the heavy pressure of the grasshoppers. When encountering heavy snow weather, the weight of the bamboo poles will increase, which will cause some of the bamboo to be crushed or Being crushed, these crushed bamboo poles will puncture the plastic TPU film. For those bamboo poles that have been broken, we need to replace them in time.

3. Must grasp the replacement time of plastic TPU film. Now the vegetable farmers are all partners to replace the plastic TPU film. We can prepare the bamboo rafts that are ready to be replaced, and then we will put the new plastic TPU film in front of the shed, and immediately remove the old plastic TPU film. Replace the bamboo rafts that need to be replaced, and cover the new plastic TPU film to reduce the time to replace the plastic TPU film.

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