What Happened To The TPU Product

What Happened To The TPU Product

Date:May 06, 2019

The depression of the surface of the TPU product will reduce the quality and strength of the finished product, and will also affect the appearance of the product. The cause of the depression is related to the raw materials used, the molding technology and the mold design, such as the shrinkage rate of the raw material, the injection pressure, the design of the mold and the cooling device.

Causes of depression on the surface of TPU products

1. Insufficient mold feeding

2. The melt temperature is high

3. Short injection time

4. Low injection pressure

5. The mold clamping pressure is insufficient

6. Improper mold temperature

7. The gate is asymmetrical

8. Poor exhaust in the recessed part

9. Mold cooling time is not enough

10. Screw check ring wear

11. The thickness of the product is uneven

Depression treatment method for TPU product surface

1. Increase the amount of feed

2. Reduce the melt temperature

3. Increase the injection time

4. Improve injection pressure

5. Properly raise the clamping pressure

6. Adjust to the appropriate temperature

7. Adjust the size or position of the mold entrance

8. Vent holes in the recessed part

9. Extend the cooling time

10. Replace

11. Increase the injection pressure

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