TPU Materials Will Promote The Rapid Development Of China's Textile And Chemical Fiber Industry

TPU Materials Will Promote The Rapid Development Of China's Textile And Chemical Fiber Industry

Date:Jun 17, 2019

TPU is widely used in the textile industry. In addition to being used as shoe material, synthetic leather and TPU film composite fabric, TPU chip is an important application field for the manufacture of spandex fiber. Spandex (Leica) is an elastic fiber, which is blended with cotton, wool, acrylic, polyester, etc. into yarns, which can be made into elastic garments such as tights, sportswear, underwear, sweaters, elastic pants, socks, etc. A high-grade chemical fiber material that has been popular outside.

There are two main methods for manufacturing spandex in the world: dry method and melt spinning method. The melt spinning method has the advantages of no toxic solvent and low manufacturing cost than the dry method, and is the future development direction of spandex. TPU section is the basic raw material for the manufacture of melt-spun spandex. At present, the domestic TPU section is basically monopolized by the German BASF company, and the price is expensive, and the price is 50,000 yuan/t.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer) is composed of isocyanate (curing agent), polyether (or polyester) macropolyol (constituting soft segment backbone structure) and small molecule polyol (or amine) as chain extender (constituting hard segment structure) A block copolymer composed of a main component. Different kinds of raw material curing agents, polyols and chain extenders can be used to synthesize various TPU products with various varieties, different properties, various processing and wide application. TPU can be made into high-modulus special plastics or high-elastic rubber. It can be made into film or fiber. This is the only one that can be done in TPE.

TPU has excellent mechanical properties such as high strength, high elasticity, high wear resistance and high flexibility, and is resistant to oil, solvent and general chemicals. This determines the versatility of the TPU.

With the continuous development and improvement of China's TPU technology, the localization of TPU chips will be realized. It is expected that the demand for TPU chipping in China will reach 50,000 t/a in the next few years. It is reported that a TPU slice and melt-spun spandex investment hot is being set up in China. (Currently, the price of 20D melt-spun spandex yarn is 120,000 yuan/t) will promote the rapid development of China's textile chemical fiber industry.

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