Outline What Is A TPU Film

Outline What Is A TPU Film

Date:Jun 03, 2019

The TPU film is a film made by a special process such as calendering, casting, film blowing, coating, etc. on the basis of TPU pellets. The thickness is 0.01 to 2 mm.

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes), thermoplastic TPU elastomer, is made by MDI containing NCO functional group and POLYOL and 1.4BG containing OH functional group. It is made by kneading and mixing. It has good elasticity, good physical properties and various mechanical strengths. They are very good. Therefore, they are widely used in injection, extrusion, calendering and dissolution into solution-type resins. They are plastic materials that are often used by plastics manufacturers. The products are made up of industrial applications and civilian necessities.

In recent years, due to the continuous development of new products, the use of thermoplastic PU elastomers is continuously increasing, creating a new opportunity for the plastics industry to create low-cost, high value-added industries.

TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) is increasingly popular for its superior performance and environmentally friendly concepts. At present, wherever PVC is used, TPU can be a substitute for PVC. But the advantages of TPU, PVC is far behind. TPU not only has excellent high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance, but also is a mature environmentally friendly material. At present, TPU has been widely used in: shoe materials, ready-to-wear, inflatable toys, sports equipment for water and underwater, medical equipment, fitness equipment, car seat materials, umbrellas, luggage, leather bags, etc.

The TPU film is formed on the basis of TPU pellets by calendering, casting, film blowing, coating, and the like. At present, it is widely used in sports shoes: trademark decoration on the sole and upper, airbags, air cushions, oil bags, etc.

Nowadays, there are two trends in the application of TPU film on sports shoes: one is the popular style of women's sandals, that is, the high transparent TPU film is directly cut, or screen printing, or cloth. The base is formed into a mesh cloth, etc., and the high frequency is formed and bonded to the upper, which has functional and decorative effects. The second is to use the waterproof and moisture-permeable TPU film and the shoe material to be used together to achieve the effect of waterproof and moisture permeability.

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