Introduce Several Classifications Of TPU Films

Introduce Several Classifications Of TPU Films

Date:Jun 13, 2019

TPU waterproof and breathable film (high, medium and low moisture permeability) Uses: Apparel, shoe material, fabric fit Specifications: Width: 54" 58" 60" Thickness: Thickness 0.015mm - 0.80mm, color is transparent, translucent, fog Noodles, milky white, skin color, black. Type: Polyether, polycaprolactone Advantages: High moisture permeability, good hand feeling, high water pressure resistance, good processing performance, washable dry cleaning TPU waterproof breathable film with elastomer as the main material, its elasticity Good, high strength, physical properties unmatched by other materials in water resistance (can withstand water pressure 10000mm or more, thinnest up to 0.012mm); TPU film has excellent moisture permeability in addition to high water resistance ( Human sweat can penetrate freely between the membranes)

Uses: Mainly used in various fittings of clothing fabrics: windbreaker, raincoat, shoes and hat gloves, cold jacket, ski gloves, inner morning, gift bags, mobile phone wipes, leisure products, sporting goods, military defense and medical equipment. Used.

1. TPU transparent film

Uses: Shoes, bags, handbags, clothing, medical, military, toys

Thickness: 0.02-0.2MM

Product advantages: High strength, high tear strength, high oil resistance, low compression deformation, high elasticity, high softness.

2. TPU waterproof breathable membrane

Color: Matte, milky white, skin color, black.

Thickness: 0.02---0.2MM

Uses: Clothing, shoe material fabric fit.

Advantages: High water pressure resistance, high moisture permeability, good hand feeling, good processing performance, washable dry cleaning.

3. Hot melt adhesive film

Uses: Shoe materials, clothing, waterproof strips, waterproof zippers, trademarks, computer woven, embroidered.

Advantages: It is an adhesive material used to bond two different or different materials. It can be laminated with various fabrics and plastics. (It can be heat-pressed and has a melting point of 80 degrees---120 degrees)

Features: No glue, no solvent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, washable, dry cleaning, soft to the touch.

4. High and low temperature film

Uses: Water filled bags, inflatable bags, foam composite products.

Advantages: High wear resistance, high tear strength, high weather resistance, anti-bacterial invasion, hydrolysis resistance.

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