Why is the performance of TPU film better than PVC film?

Date:Jun 07, 2020

From RainbowTPU

Mechanical properties and elasticity of TPU films are generally unmatched in PVC products, and a good response at low temperatures is also conducive to environmental quality. Therefore, TPU films have unparalleled superior performance in PVC.

  The price of the product is an effective and very direct means in the market. The PVC film relies on its low price and can be widely used in the fields of plastic wrap, plastic bags and plastic film. Even so, because TPU film has the superiority that PVC can't compare, realize the substitution for PVC.

  TPU film has excellent performance, and has a wide range of resistance to deformation, scoring and scratching, that is, hardness, and even under these enhanced conditions, the elasticity and wear resistance performance is still good. At the same time, TPU film has excellent performance in terms of load-bearing capacity, resistance to strong impact, and reduction in vibration reduction. Overall, it has high mechanical strength.

  Of course, PVC materials are easy to harden in winter, and the cold resistance of TPU film is very prominent. Even in the case of minus 35 degrees, elasticity, flexibility and other properties will not deteriorate. Moreover, it has good processing performance, can be formed by injection molding, extrusion, calendering, plus oil resistance, water resistance, mold resistance, good recycling, so the overall performance is very excellent.

   Since PVC needs to add many additives, it is well known that the environmental protection performance is greatly reduced. Fabric composite manufacturers and TPU films not only have excellent high tension, high tensile strength, toughness and aging resistance, but also a mature environmentally friendly material, this feature is very consistent with the current consumer psychological consumption needs.

The TPU film is used on the soles, the trademark decoration on the upper, the airbag and the air cushion, etc., and then the convenience of the molding process, such as: calendering, casting, film blowing, coating and other technologies can be prepared. It can make the TPU film widely used in sports shoes, and now it is constantly expanding to medical equipment, fitness equipment, seat materials, daily necessities and other fields.

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