What glue can TPu use to bond?

Date:Jun 21, 2020

From RainbowTPU

TPU belongs to the plastic category, usually using polyurethane glue and LCD UV glue to bond.

Because of its strong polar isocyanate and urethane groups, polyurethane glue zhi has high reactivity and can be cured at room temperature, so it has excellent adhesive properties for TPU and other plastics. Polyurethane's main chain is very flexible. Its biggest feature is its resistance to impact shock and bending fatigue. Its peel strength is very high, especially its low temperature resistance is extremely excellent. Polyurethane glue has poor water resistance and heat resistance. It needs to be noted when selecting.

CRCBOND UV adhesive for TPU plastic bonding and bonding, fast curing speed, high bonding strength, good toughness, moisture and heat aging resistance, moisture resistance, and long service life.

TPU has excellent bonding strength to various materials such as plastic, glass, metal and so on; TPU has high light transmittance, fast curing in deep layer, tough adhesive layer, good vibration resistance, good stability, good bending resistance and low shrinkage Excellent rate and high and low temperature resistance.

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