What are the advantages of TPU film?

Date:Feb 27, 2020

For RainbowTPU

As the performance and environmental protection of TPU film are increasingly welcomed by people, many areas using PVC can be replaced with TPU film.

1.Abrasion resistance

More than five times more wear-resistant than natural rubber, is one of the preferred materials for wear-resistant products

2.Tensile properties

The tensile strength is up to 70MPa, and the elongation at break can be up to 800%.

3.Tear performance

TPU film has higher tear resistance and better tear strength than common rubber and plastic

4.Zigzag performance

TPU products can maintain excellent bending resistance in different environments, which is one of the best choices for polymer materials.

5, hydrolysis resistance

TPU has good water resistance under turbidity, and no obvious hydrolysis will occur in 1-2 years

Polyester series immersed in water at 50 degrees Celsius for half a year or 70 degrees Celsius for 3 weeks or 100 degrees Celsius for 3 to 4 days will completely hydrolyze, which is one of the reasons why TPU film is suitable for environmental protection materials

6, high temperature and oxidation resistance

TPU has good oxidation resistance. The temperature resistance of general polyester series can reach 130 degrees Celsius, and the temperature resistance of polyether series can reach 90 degrees Celsius.

7. Oil and chemical resistance

TPU is a kind of strong polar polymer material. It has very little affinity with non-polar mineral oil. It is hardly corroded in fuel oil and mechanical oil. Among them, polyester products are used in tpu products. Better

8, low temperature performance

TPU film has very good low temperature resistance, which can usually reach -40 degrees Celsius, which is a good substitute for PVC.

9.Air tightness

TPU is very easy to weld by high frequency or hot pressing, so it is widely used in inflatable products. Generally speaking, polyester series products have better air tightness than polyether series.

10.Biomedical performance

TPU film is excellent in biocompatibility, non-toxic, non-allergic, non-local irritant, and non-pyrogenic, so it is widely used in medical, health and other related products as well as sports and protective equipment.

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