Trends in the use of the TPU film market

Date:Aug 14, 2019

TPU film is a kind of elastic film, which is a kind of material between plastic and rubber. Let's take a look at the application trend of TPU film.

So what is the scope of application of TPU film? It has a wide hardness range (60A-85D), wear resistance, oil resistance, transparency, good elasticity, aging resistance, weather resistance, environmental protection, non-toxicity, decomposability, waterproof and moisture permeability, windproof, cold resistance, warmth, antibacterial, anti-ultraviolet and energy release. Such excellent performance, widely used in daily necessities, sporting goods, toys, decorative materials, etc., halogen-free flame retardant TPU can also replace soft PVC to meet the environmental requirements of more and more fields. The environmental protection advantage is highlighted: due to the excellent performance of TPU film, it is easy to recycle, and the environmentally friendly concept of biodegradability is increasingly popular. With the alternating development of industry technology, the replacement of non-environmental films with TPU films has become the trend of environmental protection policies around the world. The substitution effect of TPU film on existing plastic film products will gradually be reflected. In the future, with the deep research and development of TPU film products and the improvement of the technical level of TPU film industry, the application field will continue to expand, and the penetration rate will continue to increase, which will bring huge opportunities for related manufacturing enterprises.

TPU new product - hot melt adhesive film: using TPU to make a new product in hot melt adhesive - hot melt adhesive film, compared with the current dominant EVA hot melt adhesive and synthetic rubber hot melt adhesive, TPU hot melt adhesive The film not only meets the customer's demand for high viscosity, but also has good physical properties of TPU, such as good elasticity and high mechanical strength. Many TPU hot melt adhesive films in the field where traditional hot melt adhesives are difficult to use are suitable. TPU hot melt adhesive film will be one of the important development directions of the future combination of plastic film and hot melt adhesive.

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