TPU material of Rainbow TPU

Date:Sep 14, 2019

TPU is full name of thermoplastic polyurethane, the raw material includes powder and particle two states.Due to the large number of TPU manufacturers, its models are very wide, mainly used in extrusion, injection molding, ink and other aspects

High-end: lubrizol (SK dow) basf bayer huntsman

Middle and low end: Taiwan (COTING hongyi sanhuang kunzhong) China (yantai wanhua).

Among them, Lubrizol (formerly noroyu) is the most famous raw material with the best quality.Its brands include the TPU of world top brands Estane, Estaloc, Pellethane, ISOplast and Skythane.Specific model USES are as follows:

Estane: widely used: extrusion wire and cable (including halogen free flame retardant 90v-0, vw-1), pipe profile, elastic tape, fire hose, etc.Flow ducting sheet and film;Blowing film low, medium and high waterproof and breathable film;Soluble coating screen printing ink, light oil spraying, glue, tape, conveyor belt, etc.Injection molding high temperature seals, electronic accessories, wire SR, shoe materials, toys, casters, etc.Hardness is 65A to 85D.Estane also has many materials with special properties, such as ultra-low temperature resistance, oil and gas resistance, salt spray resistance, seawater biological resistance, anti-static resistance, USP/FDA/ NSF and other special materials in line with medical food level, and various added masterbatch, such as rodent resistant masterbatch, UV resistant masterbatch, mist surface masterbatch, smooth masterbatch, conductive masterbatch, PVC blend and various color masterbatch.Main model: 158315 58887 58888 58863 58219 58300 58881 58810 58289 58311 58212 58277;A058 A1089 A1101 A1105 A1139 a1284;58237 58245 X1012;54610 54620 54630 54640;5701 5702 5703 5713 5715 5719 5778;GP65A GP80A GP85A GP92A GP95A GP60D GP65D;ETE55D ETE60D;58213 CP80A;ST70 ST80...

Estaloc: enhanced TPU with glass fiber content of 10%, 15%, 20%, 30% and 60% mainly used for cable connectors or sports equipment.Main model: 59300 59600 59200 59104 T5160...

Pellethane: DOW chemical TPU brand was acquired by lubrizol in 2008. The products include extrusion pipes and cable profiles, which are widely used in medical pipes. There are also some products with high hardness: main model 2102 2103 2355 2363...

ISOplast: is a DOW chemical TPU brand, which was acquired by lubrizol in 2008. The brand is mainly known as TPU+ long glass fiber.Main model 101 LG40 202 LG40...

Skythane is the TPU brand of SK chemical of South Korea. It was acquired by lubrizol in 2008. After integration, Skythane product is mainly used in injection molding.It is an ideal choice for injection molding shoe materials and electronic accessories.[main models S175A S180A S190AS198A S160D S168D; S385 S292 S395 S398 S360D s365a S375D; T460 T465A T470A; x585-4 x585-41; UB601 UB220.

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