Tpu film surface tension depends on what elements

Date:Nov 05, 2019

Tpu film surface tension depends on what elements

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Tpu film manufacturers in the field of plastic film packaging has been widely used. Plastic film can be used for food packaging, electrical products packaging, commodity packaging, clothing packaging and so on. They all have to be printed with colorful plastic film, and used as food packaging and other processes such as multilayer composite or vacuum aluminum plating.Plastic film should have different requirement in different application. Tpu film appearance free gene to high, tension to be conducive to printing ink, adhesive or aluminum plating layer and IPU film strong adhesion; When used in the packaging of electrical appliances, electronic products, the film is required to have a certain anti-static function and so on. In the process of plastic film production taking-up and high-speed packaging, the appearance of the film is required to have a certain conflict function to prevent the film adhesion or slip. What factors determine the apparent tension of plastic film?Tpu film manufacturers inform you that the surface tension of plastic film depends on the surface free energy of plastic film, and the outside of the filmThe surface energy depends on the molecular structure of the membrane data itself. Most plastic film such as polyolefin film (LDPE, HDPE)LLDPE, PP) is a non-polar polymer, its surface free energy is small, the surface wet tension is low, generally 30 dyne/cm leftfollowROn the right. Theoretically, if the external tension of the object is less than 33 dyne/cm, the general ink or adhesive will not adhere to the knotTherefore, it is necessary to deal with its appearance. Polyester (PET,PBT, PEN, PETG) is attributed to polar polymer, its surface free energy is high, the surface wet tension is more than 40 dyne/cm.The way to increase the dyne value of TPU film surface is usually corona, and in the production process, try to reduce the addition of lubricant fogging agent, and try to use new materials. This production of Tpub film, the surface dyne value can be done about 40-50, for the use of general ink is no problem.

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