TPU film storage conditions

Date:Jul 14, 2019

How should the TPU film be stored? What are the links and conditions for storing TPU film?

The TPU film adheres to the surface of the contaminant, which hinders the formation of the bond. Of course, the bonding effect is reduced. The bonding surface needs to be pretreated. Different surfaces have different treatment methods. TPU film manufacturers, It can be treated by root surface material and then bonded.

Bonding temperature is a special element used in TPU films because hot melt adhesives begin to melt at a certain temperature. The operation time of the TPU film bonding is corresponding to the temperature adjustment. When the temperature is high, the time is shorter; when the temperature is low, the time is extended accordingly.

At present, EVATPU film is more widely used in the field of solar photovoltaic, and is used as a packaging film for photovoltaic modules. Originally, mainly used foreign products, with the enhancement of independent research and development production capacity, domestic products gradually revealed.

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