TPU film penetration rate continues to increase

Date:Jun 17, 2019

TPU is a new type of inflatable balloon material that has developed rapidly in recent years. It has obvious advantages over PVC and traditional rubber tape. TPU has unrivalled tensile, tear, abrasion and low temperature flex resistance of rubber or PVC, and also has good oil, aging and weather resistance. It is superior to PVC in terms of material softness and mechanical strength, and does not contain a large amount of volatile plasticizer like PVC, which causes the material to harden and become brittle, and the mechanical properties are deteriorated. However, due to the high price, the current TPU tape is mainly used to make high-end capsule materials with high material performance requirements, such as air mattresses, massage chair capsule materials, rubber boats for marine operations and inflatable boat capsule materials, lifting. Airbag materials, capsule materials for military or civil airships, sphere coatings, and liners.

TPU film is a new type of industrial material that can be modified continuously. It can further optimize performance and expand application fields through raw material modification, material formulation adjustment and production process optimization, which can give it strong and continuous vitality. The application range of TPU film is gradually expanding from the original key areas such as shoes, clothing, home textiles and luxury handbags to new fields such as agriculture, medical, electronics, aerospace and military. In the future, with the deep research and development of TPU film products and the improvement of the technical level of TPU film industry, the application field will continue to expand, and the penetration rate will continue to increase, which will bring huge opportunities for related manufacturing enterprises.

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