TPU film is an environmentally friendly film

Date:Jul 03, 2019

Many film materials are thought to be environmentally unfriendly, but the TPU film is different. This is a relatively environmentally friendly film. Why do you say that? The following TPU film manufacturers will summarize for you.

The tpu film is a film made by a special process using TPU pellets. Therefore, when it comes to TPU film, you can't talk about TPU pellets first.

TPU pellets are TPU pellets of different colors and different hardnesses produced by a single twin-screw granulator.

TPU pellets

The TPU itself is an environmentally friendly material. Yahong suggests that you can identify TPU materials from the following perspectives.

1. Smell. The smell of TPU material is different from other plastics, it will not produce irritating taste, and it will not emit toxic gas. If you smell it carefully, you will smell the fragrance of TPU material; 

2. Burning will burn TPU material, its smoke is For white smoke, if a small amount of black smoke appears, it means that the combustion is not enough; 

3. Decomposition of the TPU into the soil takes only about 1 year to decompose, after decomposition, it becomes water = hydrogen and oxygen, not Soil causes damage.

Therefore, TPU materials will not cause damage to the natural environment, and will not cause harm to the human body.

The TPU film inherits the characteristics of TPU pellets, so it is also environmentally friendly.

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