TPU film compared with other plastic film

Date:Jan 02, 2020

TPU film compared with other plastic film 

From RainbowTPU

TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethanes), thermal plasticity TPU elastomer, by including NCO functionality, MDI and OH functionality, POLYOL, 1.4 BG, made by mixing and extruding, because good elasticity, good physical properties, and a variety of mechanical strength is very good, therefore, widely used in injection, extruding, rolling and dissolved into solution resin processing methods, such as plastic processing industry is often use plastic material, made its products cover the industrial use and the size of the civil will light products.


In recent years, due to the continuous development of new products, the usage of aspirational PU elastomer continues to increase, creating a low-cost, high value-added new industrial key for plastic processors.


TPU (thermal plastic polyurethane) is increasingly popular because of its superior functions and environmental protection concept. Nowadays, wherever PVC is used, TPU can become a substitute for PVC. However, the advantages of TPU are beyond the reach of PVC. TPU not only has excellent properties of high tension, high tension, strength and aging resistance, but also is a sophisticated environmental protection material. Nowadays, TPUE is widely used in: shoe materials, tailors, inflatable toys, aquatic and underwater sports equipment, medical equipment, fitness equipment, automobile seat data, umbrellas, leather cases, leather bags, etc. TPU film is based on TPU particle material, through rolling, rolling, blowing film, coating and other processes made film. Now in the use of a wide range of sports shoes: sole and vamp of the trademark decoration, gas wrapped, air cushion, oil bag.


Nowadays, there are two trends of TPU film being used in sports shoes: one is the popular trend of female sandals, that is, the high transparent TPU film or cut directly, or screen printing and coloring, or bonding cloth into the mesh cloth, etc., high cycle forming and bonding on the vamp, functional and decorative effect. The other is to use the waterproof and wet-suitable TPU film and shoe material with cloth, in order to achieve the role of waterproof and moisture permeability.


Compared with PVC, EVA, butyl rubber and other plastic materials,TPU not only has environmental, non-toxic, anti-mildew, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-corrosion, biological compatibility and other excellent characteristics, but also has excellent resistance to torsional tearing, anti-acid and alkali oil, anti-aging oxidation, broad weather resistance and other functions. TPU film will become one of the mainstream environmental protection materials in the 21st century because of its incomparable advantages.

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