TPU film buckling deformation may occur

Date:Jan 31, 2020

From RainbowTPU

TPU Analyze the analysis the cause of abdominal buckling deformation may attack


The main causes of TPU film warping and deformation may occur include: no cooling during demodulator, asymmetric shape and thickness of product, excessive material, uneven gate feeding, unbalanced ejection system, uneven mold temperature, excessive data buffering.


On the above - mentioned problem our primary solution has: if the product demoulding did not cool, lengthen the cooling time.


TPU film products shape and thickness asymmetry, let's change the molding planning or increasing in coffee help article. Much about packing, cut dose injection pressure, velocity, time, and the original data. When the gate feed inequality, change the gate or increase the number of gate. Out system imbalance, only need to adjust the ejection device. When uneven mold temperature, adjust the mold temperature to equilibrium. Data buffer is excessive, drop data buffer.

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