Teach you how to detect TPU film performance

Date:Jul 23, 2019

How to test the performance of TPU film? There are many standards when testing the performance of TPU film. The following TPU film manufacturers will summarize the performance test of TPU film.

For soft TPU plastics, GB/T 10808--2006 "Determination of tear strength of polymer porous elastic materials" stipulates that cylindrical specimens of 25mmX 25mmX 150mm can be taken, and the thickness of the specimen is measured in the rising direction of the foam. One end of the sample is cut in parallel with the rising direction of the foam, and a 45~55 mm long vertical incision is cut. The sample slit is opened and clamped on the tensile testing machine fixture at a certain rate, and the recorded sample is torn by more than 50 mm. The maximum tearing force after the division is the thickness, which is the tear strength.

For polyurethane elastomer, it can be determined by GB 529 "Tear strength of vulcanized rubber method" or GB 530 "Method for measuring tear strength of vulcanized rubber (straight angle)). It is flat and hard with a cutting machine. The surface of the sample is cut into a sample. The thickness of the sample is 2 mm. Cut a slit with a sharp blade in the middle of the arc-shaped or right-angled sample, and clamp the sample to the clamp to make the sample axially aligned with the tensile direction. The test machine applies a gradually increasing traction force to the sample until the test breaks. The splitting strength is the ratio of the maximum tear stress to the thickness of the sample, and the unit is N/cm or Nm.

The tear strength of TPU material is greatly affected by hardness and material difference. For example, TPU polyester material is much stronger than TPU polyether material.

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