Polyether TPU film performance description

Date:Dec 23, 2019

Polyether TPU film performance description 


Polyether TPU film has better hydrolysis resistance and low temperature resistance, good anti-virus and antibacterial properties, very suitable for water sports products and medical products.
1.Hydrolysis resistance. Ether TPU film has better hydrolysis resistance, and it will not hydrolyze obviously when placed in water for 1-2 years at room temperature.
2.yellow resistance. Due to the raw material's resistance to yellowing, the resistance to yellowing of E ether TPU film can reach grade 4 or above.
3.Low temperature resistance. Polyether TPU film can still maintain good elasticity and softness at minus 40 ℃, without embrittlement and vitrification.
4.Good anti-mildew and antibacterial property. Polyether TPU barrier has strong resistance to growth of cyanobacteria, aspergillus, toadstools and mixed spores.
5. Medical products, Main products, water sports products and other products often use Polyether TPU film.

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