Introduction of TPU film production process

Date:May 08, 2019

How is the TPU film produced? There are three main ways to process TPU film: 1. Casting. 2. Blow molding. 3. Calendering, let's take a detailed look at these three processing techniques with us!

Casting process

1. Casting: The tpu resin is melt-plasticized by an extruder, extruded from the machine head through a slit die, so that the melt adheres to the cooling roll, and then passes through the peeling, stretching, slitting, and rolling. Get the finished product.

Blow molding production process

2. Blow molding: The tpu resin is melted and plasticized by an extruder, and is taken up vertically from the ring head. After being inflated, the herringbone plate is introduced into the pulling roller, and then the finished product is obtained through the guiding roller and the winding device.

Calendering production process

3. Calendering: The tpu resin is melted and plasticized by an extruder, extruded through a slit die from the machine head, calendered by a three-roll calender, and then passed through a cooling conveyor roller and a take-up device to obtain a finished product.

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