How to test the impact strength of TPU film?

Date:Nov 03, 2019

How to test the impact strength of TPU film?

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Impact strength test of TPU thin filmImpact strength can be used to measure toughness of rigid IPU materials. But how to test it?

The impact strength of TPU materials can be measured by simply supported beams and cantilever beams. The impact strength of TPU materials is expressed by the energy absorbed per unit area when the samples are destroyed.

Charpy impact strength can be divided into the impact strength of the unnotched specimen and the impact strength of the notched specimen, and the unit is k/m. , notched impact strength of the test specimen· notch forms include sharp V shape, round V shape and "concave" shape. GB/T 1043.1-2008 method can be used for measurement.

Izod impact strength is the ratio between the energy absorbed by the sample during the impact failure of the cantilever beam and the original cross-section area of the sample.It can be divided into non-notched sample, notched sample and inverted notched sample cantilever beam impact strength, and for laminated materials, it can be divided into parallel impact and vertical impact direction. GB/T 1843--2008 plastic morning beam impact strength measurement method can be used to test. The calculation formula of impact strength of cantilever beam is the same as that of simply supported beam, and the unit is also k/m2.

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