How to properly store TPU film

Date:May 18, 2019

The TPU film should be stored after the production is completed, otherwise it will be broken. So everyone knows how to properly store TPU film?

In the warehouse of TPU film manufacturers, there will be a large amount of fabrics piled up. If the fabrics are not properly stacked, the fabric will be damaged due to moisture and other factors. Some warehouse managers will choose to stack the fabrics in order. In fact, this stacking is wrong, because this stacking method is not conducive to ventilation and ventilation. If it is stacked for a long time, it will spread from the middle to the four sides. Moldy phenomenon.

As we all know, once the TPU film material is moldy, it will form mold spots that are difficult to remove on the surface, and the quality of the cloth will also decrease, and it can be torn by hand. As a result, the moldy fabric becomes a waste product. So how do you stack it?

I believe everyone has seen the wood stacking method of the lumber yard? That is, the horizontal rows are arranged in a square, the second layer is arranged vertically, the third layer is arranged horizontally, and so on, and staggered. The correct TPU film material stacking method is similar to this. Once stacked, it is easy to manage the fabric. When you want to use some kind of fabric, you can find the desired fabric at a glance. Secondly, it is convenient for ventilation and ventilation. Fire prevention. It avoids the moldy waste of the fabric due to moisture.

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