How to detect the tear strength of TPU composites?

Date:Oct 31, 2019

How to detect the tear strength of TPU composites?

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TPU composite tear strength For soft TPU composites, according to GB / T 10808 - 2006 "Polymer porous elastic material tear strength", 25 MMX 25 mm x 150 mm cylindrical specimens can be taken to measure thickness The sample in the direction of rising foam, the end of the sample is cut parallel to the direction in which the foam rises by 45 to 55 mm, and the sample is opened up and down through the slit, and the specimen is clamped at a tensile rate on the tensile tester fixture. After tearing, the maximum tearing force is greater than 50 mm, divided by the thickness, which is the tear strength. Can be used for amino alcohol elastomer, GB 529 vulcanized rubber tear strength formula method circular arc) or 530 GB vulcanized rubber tear strength determination method (rectangular) method to determine, with the cutting machine sample surface smooth, cut sample, sample thickness 2 In millimeters, bend or bend the specimen in the Central Park with a sharp blade to cut the cut, clamp the specimen to the axial direction of the specimen, and gradually increase the weight of the specimen until the specimen is tested for fracture, in order to obtain the maximum tear. The ratio of the crack stress splitting strength to the thickness of the sample, in units of N/cm or Nm. The tear strength of TPU materials is greatly affected by hardness and material differences. For example, TPU polyester materials have greater tear strength than TPU polyether materials.

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