How much is the temperature of the TPU film heating

Date:Jun 24, 2019

We process TPU films, which generally require heating to the right temperature. To know how much is appropriate, you must have a good understanding of the TPU film in order to have a reasonable and reasonable choice. Most people still don't understand, let's analyze it for you.

Generally, the TPU film has a softening point of 80 degrees or more, that is, when we heat it to this point, the TPU film is softened and melted. Of course, this is only the temperature of melting. To melt it to the extent that it can bond books, the heating temperature will rise to 130-180 °C. At this temperature, the viscosity, fluidity, viscosity, etc. of the colloid are suitable for the bonding of the book. So we have to fully understand the degree of heating.

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