How is the waterproof and breathable performance of TPU film

Date:Jun 05, 2019

TPU materials have outstanding wear resistance, strength and toughness, chemical and hydrolysis resistance, anti-fungal properties, low temperature flexibility, transparency, color stability, etc., and flexible processing methods.

The waterproof and moisture permeability of TPU has also become breathable and has been widely used in applications. For example: mountaineering clothes, jackets, sweaters, seamless underwear, etc. The clothes made of composite fabric made of TPU film give people a feeling of comfort and breathability, especially in the summer of the hot sun, which gives people a hint of coolness.

The TPU film combines resistance to liquid permeability and high water vapor transmission. So how does it work?

The TPU film has a hand feeling similar to human skin, and its high elasticity ensures good adaptability to various parts of the human body. Its moisture permeability ensures normal breathing of the human skin and reduces the occurrence of allergies.

The TPU film is a non-porous hydrophilic film, which utilizes the special molecular structure of the TPU film itself - a hydrophilic group to direct water molecules from the side of the water vapor partial pressure to the side with a low partial pressure of water vapor, so that it has good It is resistant to liquid permeability and has water vapor permeability. Therefore, the waterproof and breathable effect is naturally very good.

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