How is the TPU membrane resistant to both liquid and water vapor?

Date:Nov 04, 2019

How is the TPU membrane resistant to both liquid and water vapor?

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TPU membrances have excellent wear resistance, strength and tolerance, chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, anti-toadism, low temperature and softness, transparency, color stability, and processing methods are active.

TPU menbrances waterproof suitable for moisture is also the image of the breathability, the use of a wide range of extension. Such as: mountaineering clothing, storm clothing, sweater, seamless underwear and so on. Clothes made of TPU film composite fabric have a comfortable and remote feeling, especially when baked in this cool daySummer brings a bit of coolness to the person.

TPU film has both resistance to liquid and high water vapor. So how does it do that?

TPU film is similar to the touch of human skin. Its high elasticity ensures good adaptability to all parts of the human body. Its remote dampness can ensure the normal breathing of human skin and reduce the occurrence of allergies.TPU film belongs to non-porous hydrophilic film, which USES the special molecular structure of TPU film itself - hydrophilic base to guide water molecules from the side of high partial pressure of water vapor to the side of low pressure of water vapor, so that it has excellent anti-liquid permeability and water vapor permeability. Thus, waterproofQi works very well naturally.This is why TPU film is resistant to both liquid and water vapor.

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