Four principles of TPU film printing

Date:Jun 11, 2019

TPU film and other film materials will print some patterns on it when processing, but the printing effect is not ideal. Here are four principles for TPU film, so TPU film printing will be much more convenient.

TPU film

1. Ink selection:

It is best to use polyurethane ink (PU ink or TPU ink), which is compatible with physical properties.

2. Corona treatment on the surface of TPU film

The TPU film is corona treated so that the surface of the TPU film has a dyne value of 38 or more and is suitable for printing; the ideal dyne value is 40-42.

3. Chemical solvent treatment on the surface of TPU film

The surface of the TPU film is subjected to chemical solvent treatment such as wiping, coating, and the like.

The following solvent effects are ranked as high as possible. DMF > MEK > Toluene > Ethyl acetate > Alcohol.

4. The choice of TPU film surface effect

In general, the surface of the matte-finished TPU film has a large surface area, and the ink has good adhesion, high color fastness, and is easier to print than the relatively bright or glossy TPU film.

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