Four principles of Rainbow TPU film printing

Date:Sep 16, 2019

During the reprocessing of TPU film and other film materials, some patterns will be printed on them according to customers' needs, but the printing effect is extremely different.Rainbow TPU summarizes the four principles of TPU film, as follows:
1. Selection of ink
Best use polyurethane ink (PU ink or TPU ink), compatible with physical properties.
2. Corona treatment for TPU film appearance
The corona treatment of TPU film enables the dyne value of TPU film to reach more than 38, which is suitable for printing, and the ideal dyne value is 40-42
3. Chemical solvent treatment for TPU film appearance
Treat TPU film surface with chemical solvent, such as wiping, coating, etc.The following solvent effect ranking the higher the better.
DMF>MEK> toluene > ethyl acetate > day na water > alcohol
4. Selection of TPU film appearance effect
Generally speaking, the surface area of matte TPU film is large, compared with bright or smooth TPU film, ink adhesion is good, color fastness is high, more simple printing.

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