Comparison between TPU film and PVC film by Rainbow TPU

Date:Sep 20, 2019

TPU is a safe, stable and high quality environmental protection new material, which has become an excellent substitute for PVC.It is no exaggeration to say that where PVC can be used, TPU can be used instead.TPU can be fully inspected by SGS, ASTM, JIS, FDA and other internationally renowned testing institutions.
一.TPU film and PVC have incomparable advantages
1.TPU film is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and degradable
2.TPU film has such excellent functions as waterproof and moisture permeable, wind proof, cold proof, oil resistance, antibacterial and uv resistance
3. The internal pressure strength of TPU film is far greater than that of PVC film
4.TPU thin film has high mechanical strength, which is excellent in bearing capacity, resisting strong impact force and reducing and reducing the impact
5. Excellent cold resistance of TPU.Elasticity, flexibility and other functions don't get worse even at minus 35 degrees
6.TPU film has good processing performance and can be formed after injection, extrusion and calendering
7.TPU film transparency is better than PVC
二. Shortcomings of PVC film:
1.PVC film is easy to harden in winter
2.PVC processing needs to add a lot of additives
3.PVC releases harmful chemicals during routine use and disposal
Of course,PVC film is not completely desirable, the price will be much lower than TPU film, this is the biggest reason for people to use it, even so, because TPU film and PVC have incomparable advantages, TPU film application range is also constantly expanding.

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