Classification and main application of medical TPU

Date:Jan 11, 2020

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Several medical grade TPU raw materials, properties, and trade names for example below

(1) aliphatic ether ammonia ester with HMDI or six methylene two different amino acid ester (HDI), PTMEG and BD as raw material to the TPU has good biocompatibility, strength and workability. Such as the United States Thermedics company (the original Thermo Electron company) of the composition of the medical polyurethane Tecoflex PT - MEG - HMDI - BD, in the 80 s the United States DuPont company medical RAdiprenelw 500 raw materials of PTMEG was ammonia - HDI - BD.

(2) aromatic polyether ammonia ester such TPU to MDI, PTMEG and BD as raw materials. Compared with aliphatic polyether ammonia ester, they have similar biological compatibility, the physical strength, solvent resistance and high temperature workability than aliphatic TPU son, is a kind of application earlier, brand more TPU, its disadvantage is exposed to light or y rays turn yellow after a long time. If the improper operation temperature can produce methylene - 4, 4 "- diphenyl diamine (MDA). Commodity brands are: the United States Estane of BF Goodrich, the DoW chemical company (earlier Upjohn company) Pellethane, Thermedics Tecothane, Bayer Texin American companies, American JPS Stevens, a series of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer company MP - 1880, MP - 1882 and MP1890, Germany Elastogran company Elastollan SP806, and so on.

(3) the aliphatic polycarbonate ammonia ester such TPU to HMDI, polycarbonate glycol as raw materials. It had get touch with ammonia ester beauty biological compatibility, resistance to oxidation degradation and biological stability is better, good strength and operational. Commodities have Thermedics Carbothane, Chronoflex PolyMedica industrial companies, etc. This kind of TPU induced resistant to enzyme degradation, used in artificial heart and blood vessels.Aromatic polycarbonate ammonia ester

(4) the raw material is MDI. 2 alcohol and BD polycarbonate, it had aliphatic polycarbonate ammonia ester with similar biological stability and biocompatibility, aromatic polyurethane strength and resistance to economic agent, the disadvantage is that may produce MDA and yellowing. Commodities have Bionate of the polymer technology group company in the United States.

(5) aromatic polyester ammonia ester with lactone or gathering has two acid ester MD1 and BD as raw materials, such as TPU strength is higher than pu of PTMEG, but easy to hydrolysis and microbial attack. Commodities have a BF Goodrich Estane. Pellethane of Dow chemical company, etc.

(6) polyurethane - eye elastomers such as Bayer (USA) company is a kind of aliphatic Texin5590 gather interesting eye type TPU, designed for contact with blood, and the tube material and drainage tube and other short-term implants. Of medical polyurethane unisexual Biomer Ethicon companies in the United States is made up of PTMEG and MDI reacts different amino acid ester base prepolymer. In dimethyl formamide (DMF) in the solvent with ethylenediamine as chain extender, pouring into the linear block polyurethane eye polymer. Corvita company developed in the 90 s implantation in the human body organ Corethane with TPU elastomer material, not remote component, said it has similar performance and widely used aromatic polyurethane, but in the human body will not influenced by enzyme degradation. The company is also in the development of polyurethane copolymer as well as with other polymer composite materials, used to implant in the body.


Some other polyurethane elastomer besides TPU, pu prepolymer unisexual body and copolymer are also used in medical situations. The United States, for example, Kontron company Cardiothane is a kind of pu - silicone elastomer. It is by the four hydrogen injunctions of MDI and addicted to ether glycol generated prepolymer with larger molecular weight of siloxane crosslinking agent (acetoxyl group siloxane), generated by trace water crosslinking and crosslinking polymer, using liquid casting process. Avcothane is the development of polyurethane Avco - Ereto companies in the United States - polydimethylsiloxane block copolymer, the material and outer circulation pump, can use dip forming, has good mechanical performance, can meet the requirements of artificial heart hard. Medical polyester elastomer can be used for a variety of formats, such as pre polymers can PTMEG - MDI sales, on-site pouring shape according to the required shape. Also can be made into microporous elastomer.

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