APPLICATIONS--Apparel From HongTai’s Rainbow TPU

Date:Jan 06, 2020


From HongTai's Rainbow TPU

HongTai offers  different categories of advanced technical films for laminating fabrics and creating high-performance apparel. Whether it be additional protection, enhanced aesthetics, or increased performance, HongTai has just the right film for the job.

l  Add waterproof and breathability functionality to garments

l  Create a special look and texture with multi-layered fabric lamination

l  Produce functional textiles with general fabric lamination

l  Seal seams for more support and enhanced elasticity

l  Attach labels and emblems to fabrics

l  Create UV-resistant materials


Making Safety Apparel Impenetrable

When a safety apparel manufacturer wanted to upgrade their uniforms to the highest safety standard, they knew HongTai’s highly versatile films could get the job done. Our films combine a wide range of functionalities with fabrics—including resistance against static, flame, water, and puncture-damage—to create a new generation of safety apparel, shielding professionals in high-risk occupations at the most crucial moments.

Our technical film fortifies high performance uniforms with an impenetrable, anti-static shield, while composite’s soft, non-irritating properties ensure extended comfort, even in the harshest conditions.

Fashion Meets Function

Looking to integrate aesthetic design with high-performance materials in urban sport jackets, a team of designers came to us. Our materials combine with fabrics to create highly breathable shells that shield against bursts of wind and sudden showers, with enough customization possibilities to ignite the passion of any designer.

Our technical film can be used to create highly breathable materials that can withstand heavy rainfall and high-intensity wind. HongTai can be laminated with a wide variety of fabrics, or can even be directly printed with customized designs—opening the door to thousands of design possibilities.

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