Application of “Rainbow” TPU Film in Waterproof and Moisture Permeable Fabrics (III)

Date:Sep 16, 2019

四、Application of TPU film
1.TPU film application in clothing
In the early days, in order to avoid the rain, people created raincoats, umbrellas, ponchos, etc., so that water could not penetrate the fabric. Later, for the sake of convenience, people hope that the ordinary outerwear also has a certain waterproofness, but the clothes are not breathable, resulting in sweating and backing during a large number of activities, and the clothes will stick to the skin and cause a sense of dampness. In order to adjust the climate inside the garment and improve its moisture permeability and feel, a new type of textile that is waterproof and moisture permeable is produced. For the non-porous hydrophilic moisture permeable film TPU, there are many chemical groups on the molecular segment that facilitate the migration of water molecules, and the human sweat is successfully discharged through the “hygro-diffusion-dehumidification” process, that is, first of all The water-based segment absorbs the sweat emitted by the human body, diffuses the moisture from the inside to the outside layer, and finally evaporates the moisture to the external environment. TPU waterproof and moisture permeable film solves the two contradictions of fabric waterproofness and moisture permeability, which is known as “breathable fabric” or “human second skin”. The emergence and development of any new technology is based on people's needs. This high-tech product integrating waterproof, moisture permeability, windproof and warmth has great use value. Based on practicality, TPU is sublimated in aesthetics and has always been favored by the fashion industry. Currently, it is mainly used to produce high-grade raincoats, military uniforms, casual wear and sportswear.

2. Application of TPU film in medical materials
In recent decades, medical textiles have taken a unique approach in the textile industry and have become more widely used. At the same time, medical protective materials are also faced with stricter processing requirements, not only requiring good protection and barrier properties, but also requiring comfortable and hygienic wear, while also having certain physical and mechanical properties. Because TPU film has high moisture permeability, antimicrobial performance, good biocompatibility and blood compatibility, it is widely used in medical protective clothing, surgical towels, sterilization equipment packaging, blood filtration and surgical dressing.
       Surgical gowns should be breathable and protective. They must be sterilized and disinfected before use to ensure that the medical personnel are comfortable to wear during the operation and are not infected by bacteria or body fluids. The medical material itself should have good gas permeability, disinfection tolerance, antibacterial, antistatic, washable and easy to wash. TPU film is able to achieve this with its unparalleled advantages. Medical dressings are also an important part of medical textiles. Clinically, due to the wide variety of wounds and the requirements for dressing at each stage of the wound healing process, medical dressings used to care for wounds should have a series of special functions, such as: deodorization, bacteria resistance, control
Odor, bacteria and microorganisms on the wound; moisture, moisturizing, controlling the fluid produced by the wound, absorbing pus blood from the wet wound, providing moisture to the dry wound; low adhesion, should not adhere to the wound, after the wound is healed It is easy to peel off from the wound and so on.

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