Analysis of Causes of Warpage Deformation of TPU Film

Date:May 24, 2019

TPU film will appear in the use of warping or deformation, then what is the cause?

The causes of warpage and deformation of TPU film are mainly: the product has not been cooled during demolding, the shape and thickness of the product are asymmetric, the filler is excessive, the gate feeding is uneven, the ejection system is unbalanced, the mold temperature is uneven, and the raw material Over-buffered.

Our main solution to the above problem is to increase the cooling time if the product has not been cooled during demolding.

TPU film products are asymmetrical in shape and thickness. Generally, we change the molding design or add reinforcing ribs. Too much filler, reducing injection pressure, speed, time and raw material dosage. When the gate is not feeding properly, change the gate or increase the number of gates. The ejector system is unbalanced, generally only the ejector device is adjusted. When the mold temperature is not uniform, adjust the mold temperature to equilibrium. When the raw material is over-buffered, it is sufficient to reduce the raw material buffer.

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